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Shona For Beginners

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Lesson 0 - Introduction to Shona Lessons
Lesson 1 - Shona Vowels and Pronunciation
Lesson 2 - Shona Pronouns
Lesson 3 - Shona Possessives
Lesson 4 - Common Shona Expressions
Lesson 5 - The Verb 'To Know', In Shona
Lesson 6 - Shona Greetings and Commonly Used Words
Lesson 7 - Shona greetings between two children: Kumhoresana pakati pevana vaviri
Lesson 8 - Shona greetings between an adult and a child: pakati pemhunu mukuru nemwana mudiki
Lesson 9 - Morning greetings between two children in Shona: kumhoresana mangwanani
Lesson 10 - Extended greetings in Shona
Lesson 11 - A Shona conversation between siblings and the verb 'to be'
Lesson 12 - Saying goodbye in Shona

Lesson 0 - Introduction to Shona Lessons

Shona is the most commonly spoken language in Zimbabwe. The Beginners’ course has been developed for first time Shona learners or for refresher learning.

The course opens with a section on pronunciation of Shona words. After that the learner is presented with some basic vocabulary and commonly used phrases. Greetings are introduced at an early stage because they are very important in any culture. This should provide a means of basic communication while one is learning the language.

Topics that follow cover various aspects of one’s life and assist in social interaction. With each topic useful new commonly used vocabulary is introduced. Basic conversation should be possible by the end of the course. More vocabulary and grammar are available in the Intermediate, Advanced, Youth, Tourist, Grammar and Vocabulary courses. It is encouraged that you go through all courses in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of the language. You will find the language both very interesting and easy to learn.