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Shona For Beginners

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Lesson 0 - Introduction to Shona Lessons
Lesson 1 - Shona Vowels and Pronunciation
Lesson 2 - Shona Pronouns
Lesson 3 - Shona Possessives
Lesson 4 - Common Shona Expressions
Lesson 5 - The Verb 'To Know', In Shona
Lesson 6 - Shona Greetings and Commonly Used Words
Lesson 7 - Greetings between two children: Kumhoresana pakati pevana vaviri
Lesson 8 - Greetings between an adult and a child: pakati pemhunu mukuru nemwana mudiki
Lesson 9 - Morning greetings between two children: kumhoresana mangwanani

Lesson 2 - Useful Grammar (Pronouns)

Shona pronouns such as he or she change according to the relative age of the person being addressed. Older people are addressed with respect, as are some younger relatives. Otherwise, the informal pronoun is used.

In the audio for this lesson, you will hear pronouns in Shona. Note that where there is a contradiction between the audio and the transcript below, the transcript below is the correct version.

  • I - Ini
  • You - Iwe (no respect or informal)
  • You - Imi (with respect, formal)
  • You - Mu (formal)
  • You - Imi (plural)
  • You - Mu (plural)
  • She/He - Iye
  • It - Icho
  • We - Ti
  • Us - Isu
  • They - Va
  • They - Ivo