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Shona For Beginners

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Lesson 0 - Introduction to Shona Lessons
Lesson 1 - Shona Vowels and Pronunciation
Lesson 2 - Shona Pronouns
Lesson 3 - Shona Possessives
Lesson 4 - Common Shona Expressions
Lesson 5 - The Verb 'To Know', In Shona
Lesson 6 - Shona Greetings and Commonly Used Words
Lesson 7 - Shona greetings between two children: Kumhoresana pakati pevana vaviri
Lesson 8 - Shona greetings between an adult and a child: pakati pemhunu mukuru nemwana mudiki
Lesson 9 - Morning greetings between two children in Shona: kumhoresana mangwanani
Lesson 10 - Extended greetings in Shona
Lesson 11 - A Shona conversation between siblings and the verb 'to be'
Lesson 12 - Saying goodbye in Shona

Lesson 10 - Extended greetings

The following is vocabulary for extended greetings.

Things - zvinhu
Things are - zvinhu zviri
How are things? - Zvinhu zviri sei?
To go (to progress) - Kuenda /Kufamba
How are things? - Zvinhu zviri sei?
Going - Kuenda
How are things going? - Zvinhu zviri kufamba sei?
Well - Zvakanaka
Are things going well? - Zvinhu zviri kufamba zvakanaka here?
The day has been good.We have spent it well - Zuva ranga rakanaka.Tariswera zvakanaka.