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Shona For Beginners

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Lesson 0 - Introduction to Shona Lessons
Lesson 1 - Shona Vowels and Pronunciation
Lesson 2 - Shona Pronouns
Lesson 3 - Shona Possessives
Lesson 4 - Common Shona Expressions
Lesson 5 - The Verb 'To Know', In Shona
Lesson 6 - Shona Greetings and Commonly Used Words
Lesson 7 - Greetings between two children: Kumhoresana pakati pevana vaviri
Lesson 8 - Greetings between an adult and a child: pakati pemhunu mukuru nemwana mudiki
Lesson 9 - Morning greetings between two children: kumhoresana mangwanani

Lesson 1 - Shona Vowels and Pronunciation

Shona is a relatively easy language to pronounce because vowel sounds do not alter from word to word. The spelling easily indicates how the word sounds. All words end in a vowel.

  • a as in army
  • e as in egg
  • I as in big
  • o as in hot
  • u as in who

All vowels are pronounced e.g. roora (marry) pronounced as ro-o-ra, and kuuya ( to come) pronounced as ku-u-ya. Note that Shona has no l,q,x,c except the combination of ch-.